A Leader for a Strong Local Economy that protects Raytheon as the largest Regional Employer

Ramón Valadez has played a key role in the development and implementation of the Pima County Economic Development Plan which was initially implemented in 2009.   With the continued development and implementation of this Economic Development Plan, its planning efforts have effectively moved Pima County forward by formally codifying the extension of the key elements of this plan through 2020, and beyond.  The Sonoran Corridor encompasses a multilevel, multistep and multiyear plan which will serve as a key regional economic driving force with the goal of creating an estimated annual economic impact of $32 billion and an estimated 200,000 in regional job creation.   The principal aspects of this plan were designed to assist and support Raytheon, who with 13,000 workers is the largest employer in Pima County.  With its recent merger with United Technologies, this plan will surely improve its overall permanency and stability in its current location.  As this plan moves forward, it will enable Raytheon to accomplish the

following:  1) Protect Raytheon, the largest regional employer from encroachment from area residential land development. With this as a major objective, Raytheon in 2018, completed numerous significant infrastructure expansions, as well as dedicated six new buildings;  2) Provide Raytheon with critically needed space to expand and establish a larger buffer zone surrounding the current facility;  3) Proceed with the continued hiring by Raytheon of many more new workers, primarily in engineering and similar areas who will earn salaries in the “six figure range;” and, 4) Preclude Raytheon from considering any reasons to relocate away from Pima County, and move its high-quality positions, jobs and wages to another state.

As the Chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Ramón Valadez is most proud to have represented the area where Raytheon is physically located since 1996, when he was first elected for two terms each in the Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate.  As a longtime and dedicated area elected representative, he continues to energetically and wholeheartedly endorse Pima County’s principle role in the development and implementation of The Sonoran Corridor, as it soon will become one of the most effective and beneficial catalyst to regional job creation and positive annual income growth within our county.  This community is most fortunate to benefit from Raytheon’s growth and significant economic impact on our state which based upon a study by the Seidman Institute of Arizona State University, is $2.6 billion per year.

The development plans for this corridor also encompass a 50 square mile area surrounding the Tucson International Airport, that includes the Airport itself, along some of Pima County’s largest employers, such as Raytheon, Davis-Monthan Arizona Base and the University of Arizona Tech Park.  This plan is designed to provide the necessary infrastructure to develop another aerospace, defense, high tech and manufacturing business park.  Other important features will involve the building of an auxiliary interstate highway, in which Pima County will improve access to the area by adding a 16-mile stretch of an aerospace parkway to connect Interstate 10 at Rita Road directly with Interstate 19.  Overall, a most important goal of this plan is to create an industrial corridor that does not have any conflicts with nearby homeowners or residential developments.