A Leader Who Supports Planned Community Growth and Development

Ramón Valadez believes that sound, orderly growth and planned development benefits all of Pima County.  Adherence to the nationally acclaimed and awarding winning Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan is now the planning, development, construction and permitting tools for building plans, and it is what guides, determines and directs the pace of new or expanded development. Open spaces are designated in this plan as well. In order to build in areas that have not been designated or that do not conform to the Pima County General Plan, those wanting to develop a project must adhere to an extensive amendment process and the approval of a formal development agreement, that must be approved by County staff, the Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission and finally the Pima County Board of Supervisors prior to any construction of housing subdivisions or commercial developments can take place.

The successful implementation of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan assures that future growth in Pima County will only occur away from areas identified in this plan as critical habitat, animal migratory linkages and riparian areas of high resource value.  This plan also protects and preserves important environmental, cultural and historical sites by acquiring any related open space and critical habitat, as determined by this plan.