A Staunch Advocate of New Strategies and Incentives for Affordable Housing

Ramón Valadez is firmly committed to affordable housing and the development of new strategies and incentives to accomplish this much needed community improvement.  Working with Pima County staff from both the Housing Department and the Development Services Department, a multifaceted community team which includes neighborhood shareholders, community representatives, homebuilders, bankers, developers, and representative from manufactured housing has been assembled to deal with this critical issue. Under consideration are the following issues:  1) Zoning and development regulations that have been barriers to affordable housing;  2) Adding flexibility in zoning categories to allow more affordable housing;  3) Diversifying housing options with smaller lots and smaller homes; 4) Reviewing building codes to incorporate and allow tiny homes to be part of an affordable housing option;  5) Review of the economic impacts of affordable housing on increased housing stock and increased construction job opportunities; and,  6) Working together with the incorporated cities and towns to identify urban open spaces where in-fill type affordable housing can be considered, along with the fostering and development of incentive-based partnership with interested builders.

As a State Senator, Ramón also create the Arizona Department of Housing.