Advocate of Combating and Mitigating Poverty and Curbing Financial Instability

Ramón Valadez has fully supported Pima County’s annual investment of nearly $30 million in providing a wide range of services intended to combat and mitigate poverty. Under his leadership, Pima County in 2015, launched its “Ending Poverty Now Program,” which provides safety net interventions such as rent and utility assistance, as well as critical resource building services for individuals in employment, training, and education.  He has supported many innovative programs that have assisted hundreds of people in making the successful move out of poverty including his support of the Las Artes Youth Arts and Training Center, which is a GED educational program for high school drop-outs and juvenile offenders, the Pima Vocational High School, an alternative chartered high school, and the Sullivan Jackson Employment Center, a center which provides full training and employment services for the homeless community.

He has also actively led the effort by Pima County to provide assistance to its hard-working employees that are facing financial instability and who cannot meet all their basic needs. They have launched an employee loan program that considers small loan requests, which are promptly evaluated and their approvals are not based on credit scores. So far, it has provided county employees with critical access to fair credit to more than 800 employees who have seen much needed loan approvals totaling over $1.6 million.