Enactment and Promotion of Energy Saving and Sustainability Programs

Ramón Valadez was very instrumental in having the Board of Supervisors adopt the Pima County’s Sustainability Program in 2012. This program enacted various strategies with an ultimate goal of reducing the local carbon footprint.  Pima County has responded in a number of positive ways by the enactment of new sustainability standards which improve its own energy infrastructure.  The County vehicle fleet is now moving to the greater use electric or hybrid type cars.  Additionally, the County has installed solar panels on its buildings as a means to reduce power costs and to maximize and utilize renewable energy sources. These are a few examples of how the County been able to improve this most important element of energy infrastructure.  Pima County is also working in collaboration with local utility partners to ensure the utilization of best practices, and to also encourage the development of additional public/private partnerships.

He continues to be a strong supporter of promoting greater sustainability through the use of alternative energy measures for fuel conservation, use of energy efficient design and use of green building materials, reduction in landfill waste and the increased utilization of water conservation programs.