Jobs and Economic Development

Promoting Wide-ranging Economic Development, Job Growth and Higher Wages

Ramón Valadez during his tenure as a County Supervisor, has been a strong proponent of the efforts by Pima County to promote economic development, job growth and higher wages as a means to raise wealth within the region.  Most recently, the recruitment to this community by prominent businesses such as Caterpillar and World View along with their more than 1,000 high wage jobs is a prime example of this effort.  The economic impact that Worldview project will have on the local economy is projected to be $3.5 billion.  Pima County invested $13 million in a new building and projected in their 20-year lease that the Pima County taxpayers would receive a $23 million return on their investment.

During the period from 2015 through 2019, approximately 48,942 individuals were added to the Pima County workforce.  In those instances where Pima County has provided tax or other economic incentives, all agreements for similar support, as previously mentioned, comes with a strict requirement that all jobs created by the firms being assisted will result in employees hired receiving a livable wage and corresponding benefits. 

Under his leadership, Pima County has partnered with other local jurisdictions and served as an advocate for enhanced workforce investment.  One of his major priorities is finding ways to keep area young people in this county after completing their post-secondary education. This is why he recognizes the importance of attracting stellar companies whose jobs will compensate employees with a livable wage and good benefits.  He firmly wants local students to be able to stay here and raise their families and be fully a part of those job opportunities offering high paying jobs, as well as enhanced professional careers.