Solid Commitment to Funding much needed Roadway Improvements

Ramón Valadez fully recognizes the need for Pima County to fix and improve its deteriorating roads.  Within the current budget year, he voted with his fellow Democratic Supervisors to successfully allocate $26 million for needed road repairs. These funds will target approximately 118 miles of road repairs throughout the County, and the funding was made possible by the following actions:  1) Reorganization of the Pima County Transportation Department; 2) Lower debt-servicing payments; 3) Receipt of additional Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) from the state; and, 4) Increased general fund support which when combined with the other factors contributed to the funding of this critically needed road improvement plan.

The Board also approved funding for an additional 10 years in an effort to save and preserve existing roads.  He is committed to supporting additional funding sources, as well as to find ways to fund an equitable and sustainable roadway maintenance program. His will continue searching for financial resources to fund these most important roadway maintenance plans which continue to have his strong commitment and solid support.