A Solid Base of Community Support and Significant Earned Endorsements

Ramón Valadez in each of his elections since 1996, whether it be for the Arizona House of Representatives, the Arizona State Senate or the Pima County Board of Supervisors, the base of his support for each campaign has been anchored through the successful building of multi-faceted community coalitions.  This has been represented by a wide range of community groups, organizations, labor unions and activists.  It also includes current elected officials, former elected officials, retired labor advocates, community/neighborhood activists, faith-based leaders, nonprofit providers, educators, youth advocates, business owners and constituents.

He has proudly earned the endorsements of the following well-respected Democratic elected officials, many of which also represents constituents from Supervisorial District 2:  Congressman Raul Grijalva, Congresswomen Ann Kirkpatrick, Mayor Regina Romero, Councilmember Richard Fimbres, Senator Andrea Dalessandro, Senator Victoria Steele, Representative Rosanna Gabaldon, Representative Andres Cano, Supervisor Sharon Bronson, County Attorney Barbara LaWall, Constable Kristen Randall, South Tucson Mayor Bob Teso, Vice Mayor Herman Lopez, Councilmembers Paul Diaz and Akanni Oyegbola, Sunnyside School Board Members Buck Crouch, Eva Dong, Beki Quintero and Robert Jaramillo. 

He has also been endorsed by the following former Democratic elected officials: Congressman Ron Barber, County Supervisor Dan Eckstrom, Councilmember Steve Leal, Senator Victor Soltero, State Representative Art Hamilton, State Representative Bruce Wheeler, South Tucson Mayors Shirley Villegas and Miguel Rojas and Council Members Roman Soltero, Mary Soltero and John Felix.

He has also been endorsed and supported by a wide range of Retired Labor Advocates:  Art Eckstrom (USW/LCLAA), Vikki Marshall (AFSCME), Willie Blake (Teamsters), Elena West (USW/LCLAA), Walker Smith (AFSCME), Ben Barela (USW/LCLAA); Community/Neighborhood Activist:  Brian Flagg, Mel Dominguez, Cindy Ayala, James Christopher, Veronica Moreno, Angel Lopez; Faith-based Leaders:  Rev. Grady Scott, Evan. Cherry Jackson, Pastor Larry Munguia, Linda Leatherman; Nonprofit Providers:  Gloria Hamelitz- Lopez, Enrique Serna, Linda Mazon Gutierrez, Jansen Azarias, Barbie Azarias;  Educators:  Melissa Brown-Dominguez, Saul Ortega, Sarah Flanary, Irina Gomez, Bonnie Bazata, Lupe Anderson; Military Veterans:  Benny Gomez (USAF), Edgar Soto (USMC), Ernesto Urias (USA), Rene Gastelum (ANG), Gerald Moreno (USN); Youth Advocates:  Patrick Robles, Eddie Baron; Business Owners:  Eric Ponce, Jesus Bonillas, Jr., Ligia Ponce, Liz Rabago, Rigoberto Lopez and Ronnie Reyna. This base of support has consistently been very instrumental in his candidacy being victorious in a total of eight elections, which cover every election where his name has appeared on the ballot.

His candidacy for Pima County Supervisor has already been endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats in recognition of his demonstrative and continuous support of the LGBTQ+ community.  The campaign has completed questionnaires for numerous labor organizations and is currently awaiting their responses.